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The Resource [Photograph album of France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy], (graphic)

[Photograph album of France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy], (graphic)

[Photograph album of France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy]
[Photograph album of France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy]
Photograph album of architectural, landscape, and streetscape photographs by various 19th-century European photographers, featuring views of antiquities, cathedrals, castles, harbors, and street scenes in cities throughout France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy.
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The first 115 photographs in the album are views of French cities, beginning with Paris, Chartres, Orléans, Bourges, and Tours. The photographer systematically documents the great cathedrals of these towns, as well as their harbors, rivers, bridges, palaces, castles, and streets. Following a counter-clockwise itinerary around France, he goes on to visit the great chateaux of Loire Vallay--Amboise, Chenonceaux, Blois, and Chambord, and photograph the massive walls of the Chateau d'Angers. In Brittany, he records a peasant street market in Auray, the standing stones or "menhirs" in Carnac, the beach at Quiberon, and the harbors at Brest (where, in one photo, the battleship "Hoche" can be seen), Belle-Ile, and Saint Malo. Le Havre, Mont St Michel abbey, and the cathedrals in Rouen, Amiens, Coutance, Caen, and Reims are well-represented. The album includes four photos of the German town of Bad Kreuzbach by the Stengl studio in Dresden, views of Grenoble, Lyon, and the Rhone River in Vienne, before concluding the French portion with views of cities of southern France: Avignon, the Roman amphitheaters in Orange and Nîmes, the aqueduct at Nîmes, Arles, the walled city of Carcassonne, Toulouse, Pau, and finally, Marseille. Most of the French photos are by "ND Photo," the studio of the Neurdein brothers, Etienne and Charles; a few are signed "C.N. & Co." The 62 photos of Egypt, most by the Zangaki studio, with some signed by Antonio Beato, include views of well-known temples, tombs, and other antiquities in Alexandria, Cairo, Ṣaqqārah, Dandara, Luxor, Aswan, and Abydos, including the Sphinx, Phile temple, Karnak, and Valley of the Kings. The photographer captures the hustle and bustle of everyday street scenes in Cairo, documenting tradesman with their goods loaded on horses and donkeys, spice merchants gathered outside the intricately-carved wooden grillwork of their shop, a group of water vendors holding jugs and cups, two potters sitting in their shop piled high with clay water jugs for sale, young boys in a madrasah, reciting lessons for their teacher, and a peasant street bazaar. Several photos record the interiors and exteriors of the mosques, in all their splendor, while others document the tourist trade that flourished in Egypt during the late 19th-century, with scenes of the dahabiyas and feluccas that cruise the Nile, horse carriages ferrying tourists out to see the pyramids of Giza, and local guides helping Victorian visitors clamber up the pyramids. Along the Nile, groups of Bedouins pose with their camels and donkeys, or irrigate their fields with waterwheel and shadoof. The album also includes 24 photos of Greece, mainly the antiquities of the Acropolis, such as the Parthenon, Erectheion, and Temple of Jupiter, as well as the Theater of Dionysius, and Hephaisteion, and sculptures from the Acropolis Museum, and five views of Corfu. The album concludes with twelve photographs of Italian sites, including Naples, Vesuvius, and views of Pompei by Alinari
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[Photograph album of France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy], (graphic)
[Photograph album of France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy], (graphic)
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  • Photographs (23 x 30 cm) are mounted, one to a page, on rectos and versos of leaves of white paper; photographic credit, title, and stock number in negative on most photos; ms. captions below each photograph identify subject of photo, location, and date
  • Album covers have been lost
  • Part of the Photograph Album Collection (Collection 94) in the Charles E. Young Research Library Department of Special Collections, UCLA
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Spec. Coll. copy: in modern beige cloth clamshell box; spine label, with title "France, Egypt, and Italy."
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